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Do your run a business from your residential address?

Do you travel?  • Do you rent your house out? • Are you moving house?
Do you live in a shared house? • Do you work long hours?
Do you live on a leisure home site? • Do you live on a boat?
If the answer is YES to any of the above questions
then why not use Mailbox Pigeon for your address!

Royal Mail Forwarding

Setup your new Mailbox Pigeon Suite number address and like many other customers you can get Royal Mail to forward your mail onto the Mailbox address. Perfect if you are moving house!

Friendly Suite Numbers

Rather than cold PO box numbers here at Mailbox Pigeon we like to call our boxes "Suites"  we feel they are more friendly approachable and business like.

Business Friendly

Portray your business in the right way, not only can you register your business at a town centre address, you can also register with companies house as an add-on to the mailbox subscription.

Signing up is easy

Sign up through our website choose the length of the plan you require, read our terms and conditons, then supply us with 2 forms of ID either by coming in the shop or scanning and emailing.